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A Bittersweet Moment

There was hustle and bustle in the air while the days kept growing nearer and nearer, but she still couldn’t convince myself that it was all happening before her own eyes.

“You are going to miss me when I’m gone” he said, but she replied in her normal carefree spirit “You will be back on swift wings”

The penny simply refused to sink in even while she was getting ready and posing for all the pre-wedding snaps; to her it felt like she was only part of the wedding retinue and nothing more. She simply couldn’t come to terms with reality, that her one and only sibling was getting married and moving out.

She took her position to walk up the isle. All of a sudden she noticed some of her relations walk into church.

“Wonder how they know the couple?” she thought to herself.

It only took a flicker of a moment for reality to strike her. She couldn’t stop to reason with her thoughts as the initial hymn was already being played and she had to hold her composure.
Every step up the isle only confirmed reality further and before she knew it the couple was pronounced husband and wife.

I guess weddings will always be a bittersweet moment to the immediate family however much they try to paint a composed face with a smile.