Sunday, January 15, 2017

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Are you sad?
Are they sad?
How are they handling it?
Did you cry when they left?
Will you cry when they go?

These words are like clich├ęs that we hear now and then when someone dies, gets married and leaves home, goes overseas for higher studies, or even leaves home to start a fresh on greener pastures.
How often do we stop to ponder on the words that we utter; especially, in sensitive situations? It is one thing to make chit chat, but what point is conversation without substance. Do we ever stop and put ourselves in their shoes before words leave our mouths?  I hope we all make a conscious effort to THINK BEFORE SPEAKING without intentionally or unintentionally adding salt to other people’s wounds.

Monday, May 06, 2013

BEWARE of Short Dated Medicines Sold at Pharmacies

Always check the expiry date of medicines when you are purchasing it, because it can very  well be short dated (close to the expiry date) or even spoilt.

As, my friend's baby was ill she was giving her a prescribed medication which was an oral suspension that she had bought from the LAUGFS Sunup Supermarket Pharmacy, but  after giving him 6 doses to her horror she figured that the medication was short dated (expiry date was 5/2013) and was spoilt.

She had gone immediately and complained regarding the SPOILT MEDICINE and the LAUGFS Sunup Supermarket Pharmacist said that 5/2013 means that the medicine is good till the end of May but on checking the contents of the medicine admitted that it was indeed spoilt and refunded the money. They also said that they will take off all such short dated medicines from the counter. If they had simply taken off such short dated medicines from the counter in the first place they could have always avoided mishaps; but, they are simply irresponsible and wait for the worst to take place to take action, which by then can be too late.

It is quite classic that pharmacist don't realize the level of damage that they could have caused by such negligence. As there can always be severe side effects to taking SPOILT MEDICATION and the severity increases when it was consumed by a toddler or the elderly.

In my opinion not just LAUGFS any pharmacy can be irresponsible in this manner; therefore, WE ourselves should always make it a point to check the expiry date on all products and if it is short dated refrain from purchasing it.

Monday, April 29, 2013

BEWARE of Standard Chartered Bank (SCB)

Don’t we bank our money so that we can have the peace of mind knowing that it is safe, while having the assurance that our money is growing through the interest earned?

On the flip side are there not occasions when you need to withdraw a greater part of the money to spend it on some necessity?

I one day awoke to the rude shock to discover that my money at Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) had drastically gone down rather than grow. When I checked with the bank they informed me that as my balance was below the stipulated amount (Rs.25,000/-) the bank charged a whooping sum of Rs.650/-per month as "Charges for Non-maintaining minimum balance". In addition I noticed that they had levied another whooping amount of Rs.1250/- as renewal charges for my Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) Debit Card. I personally have never heard of a ridiculous debit card renewal charge. Generally in other banks they simply charge a onetime charge of around Rs.300/- at the beginning when you request for a debit card.

This lead me to close my Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) so called "Savings account" (a better name would have been Loosing Account), because It was far from saving as the bank was literally swallowing up all my money with their ridiculous charges.

When banking with Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) I would advise you to think twice before you entrust your money to them.