Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Live, Love, and Die Right - Collateral Beauty

Collateral Beauty is an awesome movie that touches your very soul. It is centered on how to find yourself all over again after a terrible tragedy. However, most importantly it reveals the Love-Death-Time existential triangle that connects every human being.
  • Love - We long for love
  • Time - We wish we had more time.
  • Death - We fear death.
Collateral Beauty also draws examples to various peoples lives to make us question whether we are living right, using our time wisely,  and even dying right. Well, in reality with every passing moment we are spending time. Time once spent can never be bought back. Therefore, the question "why" should always linger in our minds. You should always question as to why you do things to get down to the actual motive, question whether it is worth it, and then question as to how you could do things better.
  • Why did I do or say that?  
    • Did I do or say that to keep up with society? 
    • Did I do or say that to shine among my peers?
    • Did I do or say that out of anger or hurt?
    • Did I do or say that out of jealously or revenge?
  • How can I do or say things better?
    • Q: Do I need to always care as to what society will think?
      A: Follow your conscious and instincts
    • Q: Do I have a good balance between work and life?
      A: Family is important just as much as work.
    • Q: Does it make sense to voice or show my emotions instantly?
      A: Take a fraction of a second to evaluate the moment before reacting.
    • Q: Do I benefit from not forgiving and forgetting?
      A: Life is too short to hold grudges so payback only with kindness.
Life is like a game of musical chairs, everyday is a rat race where we hardly have time to stop and ponder on things, and then one day the ultimatum strikes when it is least expected. Try to live right with every passing day, so that when it is your time to sign out, you will not have any regrets.

What are your thoughts on Love, Time, and Death? Are you using your time wisely? Are you ready for death when it is your turn?

In case you want to ponder further, here in an awesome writeup that I stumbled upon, which has profound thoughts on Love, Time, and Death.

Photo Credits-http://rememberingourstories.blogspot.com/2013_01_01_archive.html

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Are you sad?
Are they sad?
How are they handling it?
Did you cry when they left?
Will you cry when they go?

These words are like clich├ęs that we hear now and then when someone dies, gets married and leaves home, goes overseas for higher studies, or even leaves home to start a fresh on greener pastures.
How often do we stop to ponder on the words that we utter; especially, in sensitive situations? It is one thing to make chit chat, but what point is conversation without substance. Do we ever stop and put ourselves in their shoes before words leave our mouths?  I hope we all make a conscious effort to THINK BEFORE SPEAKING without intentionally or unintentionally adding salt to other people’s wounds.

Monday, May 06, 2013

BEWARE of Short Dated Medicines Sold at Pharmacies

Always check the expiry date of medicines when you are purchasing it, because it can very  well be short dated (close to the expiry date) or even spoilt.

As, my friend's baby was ill she was giving her a prescribed medication which was an oral suspension that she had bought from the LAUGFS Sunup Supermarket Pharmacy, but  after giving him 6 doses to her horror she figured that the medication was short dated (expiry date was 5/2013) and was spoilt.

She had gone immediately and complained regarding the SPOILT MEDICINE and the LAUGFS Sunup Supermarket Pharmacist said that 5/2013 means that the medicine is good till the end of May but on checking the contents of the medicine admitted that it was indeed spoilt and refunded the money. They also said that they will take off all such short dated medicines from the counter. If they had simply taken off such short dated medicines from the counter in the first place they could have always avoided mishaps; but, they are simply irresponsible and wait for the worst to take place to take action, which by then can be too late.

It is quite classic that pharmacist don't realize the level of damage that they could have caused by such negligence. As there can always be severe side effects to taking SPOILT MEDICATION and the severity increases when it was consumed by a toddler or the elderly.

In my opinion not just LAUGFS any pharmacy can be irresponsible in this manner; therefore, WE ourselves should always make it a point to check the expiry date on all products and if it is short dated refrain from purchasing it.